Bingo tips: With these 10 tricks from beginner to professional

Bingo tips are in great demand, because although this is of course a game of chance, players all over the world are always trying to find out how to become “Bingo King”. First of all: You cannot of course manipulate the bingo game, because this would be unfair and, of course, also illegal. The numbers are drawn in a completely random order and as a player you have no control over that. Nevertheless, as a player, you can and should think about a suitable game strategy, because there are quite a few things that distinguish a bingo professional from a beginner. In this article, we’ll show you which bingo tips are really useful and which are better to keep your hands off of.

Bingo tips & tricks at a glance

First start small

New players in particular are often particularly eager when it comes  to playing online bingo and want to get the most out of their stakes right away. Of course, this is understandable. Nevertheless, one should keep in mind that one must first acquire some “experience” before one can really “get started”, because who likes to lose their stakes? Therefore, our first tip for beginners is to “warm up” first, preferably without spending money.

Only those who understand the rules can win too

Before you start playing bingo, you should make sure that you know the rules. Furthermore, you can also “practice” before betting real money. It is often the case that many online casinos offer free test or demo modes for games such as bingo. In this way, you can familiarize yourself with the game and find your ideal strategy – without a hole in your wallet.

Casino comparisons are also worthwhile at bingo

Before playing, it is also worth surfing the Internet a little and using the online casino comparisons , which can also be found on Casino Cowboy, for example, to check which casinos offer this option and which are generally recommended. If you want to save your wallet, you don’t have to play bingo for free, you can also benefit from the great bingo bonuses. If you want to find the optimal provider here, you should  n’t miss our casino bonus comparison .

Don’t put everything on one card

Another bingo strategy like phone bill slots actually consists in betting not everything on one, but on several cards, because those who only have one bingo card have fewer chances of winning than those who have several . Let us assume that twelve players meet for bingo and that there are 20 bingo cards in circulation. In this case, this means that each card has a five percent chance of winning (100: 20 = 5).

So you can increase your chances of winning if you have several cards. For example, if you have three cards, you can expect a 15 percent chance of winning. The disadvantage here is that you have to spend three times more money, which is not recommended for newbies.

Bingo tips for beginners in detail

    Plan / limit use in advance

    Start with small stakes

    Use demo / test modes

    Find your own strategy

    Consult casino / bonus comparisons

The fewer opponents the higher the chances of winning

Our fifth bingo tip goes a bit against the sociability that defines the bingo game itself, but it certainly makes sense, because here it is about reducing the number of opponents. Of course, this does not mean that you should send your opponents into the “eternal hunting grounds”, but only that you should choose bingo games that are played with only a few opponents. However, here too one comes into the dilemma that the expected profits could then be rather small.